Duck Tales

I remember the holiday season of 1989 as being one of my
fondest childhood memories. After all, it was the year I
finally got my long-anticipated Nintendo Entertainment
System! Now I too, could play with power! And included with
my package of hunting ducks and fungi-eating plumbers was a
game based on my favorite tv show in the whole wide world:
Duck Tales.

The game was insanely addictive, even if it didn't have much
to do with the actual Duck Tales franchise (Scrooge's
cane = pogo stick? An unusual fondness for snacks?)
Regardless, Capcom USA knew how to make a damned good video
game, and Duck Tales did not disappoint. To this day, it
stands as being one of my all-time favorite videogames.

So naturally, when I found out a prototype of the game still
existed, I just hadta play it. One way I've learned how to
appreciate masterpieces more is by going back and seeing how
they were made. Did Nintendo of America grind the censorship
axe to Duck Tales? How much of the game was reworked before
the final release?

Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I've been
able to play the prototype on my computer and thus, give you,
the reader, the lowdown on what this magnificient game was
like when it was merely a work in progress.

Read for yourself what one former Disney producer
has to say about the making of this video game!
A Conversation with Darlene Waddington.

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