Glitchy fun!

Hello, and welcome to the super-sekrit bonus part of my web page! Well ok, it shouldn't have been all that difficult to find, but still... this section details a few of the glitches that can be found in Duck Tales for NES. As far as I know, these glitches can be accessed in both prototype and final released versions.

SECTION 1 - "Scary Graphic Glitches!"

The Amazon Glitch

The perfect locale... FOR EVIL! STEP 1: Get to this screen, which,
if you've played through the Amazon
stage more than, you know, twice,
you'll recognize as the hidden
shortcut path to reach the boss.

Hmm... STEP 2: Next, destroy all of the
blocks except the center block on
the bottom row.

Kya! STEP 3: Smack that thing with your
cane, and out hatches a... roller-
skating penguin with an arrow in
the back of its head.

Bless me bagpipes! STEP 4: The penguin thing quickly
falls to earth, where it then
transforms into a white circle
thing. You can walk through the
circle as if nothing's there.

The African Mines Glitch

STEP 1: Same story as before, folks. Oh boy, here we go...

STEP 2: This time the block we want
to isolate is the second from the
right, on the bottom row.
Close your eyes kiddies, cuz the next scene ain't gonna be pretty.

STEP 3: Thwack!

STEP 4: Unlike the Amazon Penguin,
this thing just shoots skyward. If
you hit it from the right side, it
will eventually hit the ceiling and
once again, turn into the white
circle of mystery. Hit it from the
left and it'll fly off screen and
presumably, onward to heaven. Maybe
it's for the best.
Pure nightmare fuel.

SECTION 2 - "The Alternate Bonus Stage"

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