October 6, 2018
Oh, hello there. You are reading the date correctly, this
website had some changes made in TYOOL 2018. The last time
I updated this page, YouTube didn't exist, texting on a
phone involved punching a lot of numbers, Saddam Hussein
was still ruling Iraq, and your humble webmaster still
hadn't gotten past second base with a girl.

But all that has changed, and more! I promise you though,
this site remains firmly planted in the land of Web 1.0.
Ok, maybe I upgraded it to 1.5 with some embedded audio of
the alternate music. But this website and its design remains
an archealogical relic of a bygone era, much like, well the
Duck Tales NES prototype.

And really, this dinosaur of a site is indeed pretty
unnecessary in this day and age, thanks to The Cutting Room
TCRF is a splendid Wiki that deserves your attention
(and perhaps a bit of money to their Patreon). But folks
seem to like this little website, so I will continue to
maintain it.

So what's new? Like I said, the music is now embedded, but
also the mystery of the "moneyless ending" has been solved
(again thanks TCRF) and some other minor details here and
there you probably won't notice (always be checking dat alt
text). You'll find updates to the General Differences,
Transylvania, Moon, and Final Showdown pages.

Lastly, I just want to give a shoutout to satsu for hosting
this page through the Bush years, and for Xkeeper and
BMF54123 for letting it live dormantly on Rusted Logic in the
time since.

I think that's it for now, so see you again in, like, 15
years or something. Maybe next time I'll actually fix the
archaic line formatting that I'm sure drives everyone nuts.
January 10, 2003
A new section has been created, with first-hand commentary
about the making of Duck Tales by one of its very own
producers! Also: fans of Netscape (which sucks btw) and fans
of Phoenix (which rocks btw) are now in for a treat. I
modified the html so you too can now read the funny text I
put with almost all my images. It's like a whole new world
has just been opened up!
October 20, 2002
One year later... I finish. Enjoy!
November 09, 2001
Whoops, been a while. Info about the bonus stage and hidden
treasures in the general section; the Moon section is now up
for your viewing pleasure, too.
July 4, 2001
Amazon level updated. Transylvania too.
May 18th, 2001
Been working on this page for several days. Preliminary work
on the general info section has been completed. Expect to see
the Amazon level updated next.

Don't go!  I'm so lonely!  :(
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