General Info

Here we shall take a glimpse at several general differences
between the final version of Ducktales and its prototype

The Cartridge

Final Release
I wonder if that letter D stands for Darlene...Finally replaced that pic I ripped off from eBay with a pic that's ripped from Wikipedia

is this totally cool or what? rad, man.

Title Screen

Final Release
lettuce and tomatoes courtesy Capcom Ltd.AHHH!@#@$% THIS GAME IS SO HARD I NEEDED THAT CONTINUE!

Stage Select Screen

Final Release
Oooh, a ghost house! Sounds like fun!!apparently this game takes place on Pangea.


peculiar currency

Power Ups


Final Release
I'm not your uncle, hoser.I dunno, maybe some of its charm was lost in the translation. Wait, this game was U.S. developed?!

The Bonus Stage

I swear to God when I was 12 years old I found some hidden bonus stage that looked nothing like this.  I *WILL* find it again, cuz I know I didn't dream it up!

Hidden Treasures

Final Release
A winner is you.Not sure if I'd call this hidden...

The Text of Mystery!


Background Info

The Rom

more to come... maybe.

I get paid 30 cents an hour to do this!
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